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Large STC Online Auction Difficult times require creative initiatives… STC Online Auction is ready to Welcome you!   These times where all of us struggle with isolation, sadness or worries about the future we need to be creative and find new ways for our businesses to survive and flourish. We need to keep our Arabian Horse Community active, therefor we need to explore new ideas and projects. That is why we created this online auction and sales platform, offering some of our beautiful horses. An easy and accessible way for new people to find their Dream Horse! Their first Amateur show horse, an International Champion or a well-bred breeding prospect. There will be An opportunity for everyone!   May You all Stay Healthy

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Large Schoukens Training Center would like to congratulate all the buyers on the purchase of the following horses

  It is with great pleasure we congratulate and thank all the clients and friends that bought horses and supported the 2019 STC Auction!!!   Evitaa K.A. | Sold to Al Sheikh Stud - Israel Valentino’s Angel MI | Sold to Flaxman Arabians - Belgium Justiah | Sold to Al Shiraa Stables - Abu Dhabi Flaxman’s Psierra | Sold to Zaid & Murad Fandi - Israel Akira AS | Sold to Akmal Stud - KSA FS Laurette | Sold to Mohammad Dweik - Israel Maya AS | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France Roycey Rose-D | Sold to Sea-Horse - Belgium Cypsela | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France MT Morning Rose T | Sold to Fransisca Cornet - The Netherlands Doralina | Sold to Eriska Arabians - UK Malala Apal-S | Sold to De Cartherey Arabians - France Jolie Coeur

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Large STC Auction 2018 preview: one lot revealed!


Large Invitation - Auction 2018

We kindly invite you to our 3th annual auction on the 1st of October, right after the ANC in Aachen. Starting at 4pm sharp - don't miss it while you're near! Reserve your seat now at !